Thursday, October 1, 2009

Generation today

Sometimes the best feedback on our life comes from children....we get an unadulterated (no pun intended) opinion. While watching some photos taken by me of my sister and brother-in-law, I commented to my niece about how nice they looked in the photo. To this my 7-year-old niece, Zahraa replied," my parents really love each other." I turned to her, smiled and said, "I know, but why do you feel that?" Her answer made me realise how secure & happy she was. She said, "I know, coz they are always smiling at each other!"
When I mentioned this to my sister, she told me that that this compliment ment a lot to her coz it was made unconditionally to a third person, by a child and without any prompting.

Most of us value and crave for appreciation in our professional and social life, from friends & colleagues. we work hard to make people admire us. we say the right things, do the right things all for others. We work so hard for others that we forget those closest to us.....we forget our family. Friends come and go, jobs are lost and found, but family is what sustains us!

Relationships shouldn't be defined by who does what or how much or who owns what, but by the love we share & trust without that realised by a 7-year-old girl sitting with her aunt looking at what defined her life so far.


dr dang said...

this is purely unconditional love..
in the race of life we tend to forget our family and that is what's happening to me as well..
but "I never understood" why/how:(
kind of wrote my feeling on my blog as well..

CRD said...

Kids are damn honest..they might not always know the fact...but theyre damn honest abt what they say...they say it as they see it


Hina...... said...

sometimes we try to analyse & understand love too much....we need to learn to just accept it amount of analysis or research can fathom the depths of unconditional love.

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